Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Top Nutrition Tip No. 6 - Meals: What, When and How

I strongly recommend cooking your own meals versus take-out and pre-packaged meals. This may not always be possible given various lifestyle issues. However, when you cook your own food you know what is in your food. If you can't cook, check out your local bookstore and browse the cookbooks for something with pictures that are geared to the 'new' cook and offer simple, easy-to-follow recipes. You can also enrol in a cooking class at your local college.

When to Eat

Eat five to six smaller, balanced meals throughout the day. Be it meals or snacks, the key is balance - an adequate balance of protein, healthy fat and carbohydrate to fuel the body and maintain a healthy and steady level of insulin. If you are eating to lose body fat you may choose to eat your starchy carbohydrates over the first three meals of the day.

If you want to gain muscle you need to eat five to six meals per day. If you want a lot of muscle you need to eat every two to three hours, up to eight times per day.

The saying, 'don't snack between meals', does not apply if you are trying to manage your weight. The best way to lose body fat or maintain your body weight is to eat many small healthy meals throughout the day. By making smarter choices about the types of foods you choose to eat, you will have a healthier body weight and better insulin control. Some healthy snack food examples are: fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, whole grains, nuts and seeds. These foods are filling and satisfying, making it easy to naturally control portion sizes. They are also perfect for providing a slow and sustained release of energy, thus keeping your insulin more stable.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

What Is a Centrifugal Juicer?

Generally speaking, a centrifugal juicer is typified by an extremely fast-spinning and powerful motor. It is how it chops or grinds the vegetables and fruits into smaller pieces, so a large amount of juice can be extracted. The centrifugal juicer is subdivided further into two types.


The non-ejection centrifugal juicer stores the pulp while the process of juicing is carried out, which compels you to stop at some point during the process to get rid of them. If this is not done, the juicer will not work as effectively as before or the pulp will get mixed in with the juice. This could prove to be quite time consuming.

The positive aspect, it is not very noisy and the motor has the capacity of working at very high speed so that you will be able to produce a large amount of juice in just a few seconds.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

5 Foods That Will Put Your Testosterone On Overdrive!

Testosterone is an essential hormone to have if you intend to build a lot of lean muscle. Numerous males suffer from low levels of testosterone and high levels of estrogen due to smoking, stress and most importantly, a poor diet. This is especially true for men who are older because not only do they have a lifetime of bad habits, but their age diminishes the testosterone levels in their body.

The result of a decrease in testosterone isn't just a loss of mass; it includes a loss of muscle strength, erectile dysfunction, lack of libido, depression, and weight gain. It's tremendously important to eat foods that are higher in zinc and B vitamins and below I will show you 5 foods that will rev up your testosterone levels to unbelievable highs.


Eggs are rich in protein and cholesterol. Now I know most of you reading this believe that cholesterol is a bad thing; however, testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol and thus is essential to build high levels of this muscle-building hormone. In addition, eggs provide you with a rich source of protein and vitamins B5 and B6. Some people will take out the yolk and eat just the egg whites; however, eating the yolk is essential in ensuring that you get all of the nutrients in the egg.