Tuesday, 16 August 2011

5 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

Drinking water is one of the best ways to keep you healthy and also lose weight at the same time. It's a great way to protect yourself from a heart attack and digestive problems and it's also gives you more energy. So why don't you just start drinking more water? Well, maybe because it doesn't taste great and after a while you get sick of it. No worries, I have just compiled a list of the ways I used to drink more water each day.

So let's start!

Flavor your water

In case you don't like the taste of still water, you can flavor it to make it easier to drink. The options are limitless but here are some good tips:

· Put a mint leaf or two in the bottle of water and leave it for about half an hour, it should taste better and refreshing. Mint is also a great way to aid your digestion and to improve your mood.

· Squeeze a lemon and mix it with about 1,5 liters of water. It tastes better and the lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, so you won't catch a cold this winter.

· Before going to bed, leave some fruits (like apple slices) in a big bowl of water. When you wake up, the sugar of the fruits will be transferred into the water and it will definitely taste better. It's also an alternative to sugar if you want to sweeten your coffee. Just prepare the coffee with the obtained water.

Discover the world of tea

Lots of people hesitate when it comes to tea. They don't consider it a good water source. Well, the truth be said, tea is nothing more and nothing less than flavored water. Of course it also has lots of nutrients of the herbals that you prepare your tea with, but it doesn't gain you weight.

For those of you who don't like drinking tea, maybe it's because you didn't try lots of flavors. Did you know that there is Kit Kat tea flavor available? I bet you didn't! So stop making this your excuse and head over to a tea shop and ask for something that suits your taste. I promise you won't regret!

Always have water on sight

I've heard people saying that they forget to drink water. Are they serious? Then why not put a big bottle in front of your computer or on your desk so you'll always remember when you raise your head from those work papers?

Always drink water after your have a meal

This is not only for hydrating. It's also good for digestion too. Every time you finish a meal, drink a glass of water, and at the end of the day, some of you will find that this is all they had to do to drink enough water.

Switch from time to time to sparkling water

You sometimes get bored drinking the same old still water. Why not change it with its smaller sister, the sparkling water? It's also great to keep the calcium locked into your bones.

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